1. Cat: Maru

    Owner: Mugumogu

    [Ed. note: Review of my Cat is honored and awed and inspired and generally just kind of dumbfounded to be able to present an actual, real Review of my Cat of Maru himself, kindly provided to us by his guardian and handler Mugumogu and translated from the Japanese by Aya Hibino. This hopefully goes without saying, but OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG. You can also read a full, in-depth interview about Maru’s feelings on love, creative inspiration, and boxes over at BuzzFeed.com.]

    Appearance: A

    Maru has a round face and white socks. His tail is a little short, but it’s nice and full … trust me when I say that every part of Maru is the best!

    Sociability: F

    Maru doesn’t welcome the guests at all. He never tries to gain favor. He is a very cool cat, and he goes his own way.

    Usefulness: A

    I feel at ease with him. No matter how tired I am, as soon as I am with him, he brings a smile to my face.

    Huggability: A

    Unfortunately he refuses hugs, but still.

    Overall Grade: A++++++ [Ed. note: Do you seriously think that we are going to give Maru anything less than full marks? That would be career suicide.]

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