1. Cat: Oh Hey Buddy How’s It Going?

    Owner: Brock

    Appearance: D

    "Oh Hey Buddy How’s It Going? Or "OHBHIG" for short, has a look only a mother could love.  He is a medium-long white haired cat-mutt of undetermined origins with a random black spot on his head and a gray one on his flank.  When his hair is long, he looks like a yeti, and gets kitty dread-locks.  When you shave him, he looks like he fought a weed-whacker.  His right ear (we call it his cripple ear) is deformed due to an ear infection when he was a kitten."

    Sociability: C

    "This cat will hiss at new humans, but then rub his face on your fist if you put it 2 inches in front of his nose.  He will not sit on laps.  He enjoys a good head scratch from anyone."

    Usefulness: D

    "OHBHIG is not very useful.  He throws his cat tumbleweeds throughout the house, pees in front of his litter box instead of inside of it, and needs to have the bathub faucet constantly dripping ever so slightly because that is the only thing he will ever drink out of.  He is mainly a source of comic relief because he looks silly, and is not graceful like a cat should be."

    Huggability: C

    "OHBHIG is soft and furry.  He has strong aversion to being held down, and will often make grumbly cat noises if he feels he is trapped.  However, he will tolerate being picked up and held for a time, as long as you are scratching his head or neck.  The second you stop the scritches, he starts to struggle to escape."

    Overall Grade: D+

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